Hix Business Divisions

HIX Corporation currently operates three hix business divisions. We are designers, engineers, and producers of products for the graphic printing industry, commercial food service industry, and manufacturing industry in need of high-end industrial ovens and dryers.

HIX products are all completely made and manufactured in the U.S.A.


Graphic Printing Industry

HIX produces Heat Transfer Machines and Screen Printing Equipment for the graphic printing industry. Our products are used by professionals and serious non-professionals. HIX products are well recognized globally for their reliability, accuracy, and performance qualities.


Food Service Industry

HIX designs and manufactures innovative equipment solutions for the food service industry. This includes products that manufacture food, as well as products catering to the restaurant, hotel, and catering industries. Our products feature automatic and manual dough and meat presses used exclusively by industry professionals.


Industrial Ovens & Dryers

HIX engineers custom oven and dryer solutions for many of today’s top manufacturers. Wherever there has been a call to dry, cure, or bake a product for finished goods, HIX has been there to answer that call. We have the capabilities to design and build any dryer or oven unit within our own facility.