HIX Environment


Environmentally Responsible

HIX Corporation is as concerned about our environment and use of energy as any company. We have taken initiatives within our company to investigate all of our manufactured products and determine where we can reduce, recycle, and replace elements to our products (and our production of these products) that might be considered unnecessary energy consumers.

Making the World a Cleaner Place

HIX believes the best way to show people we care about our planet, being energy efficient, and saving you money is by incorporating safe, efficient, and effective practices in our daily production.

At HIX, we value our employees and understand their importance to the overall role of success within the company. We also understand that being located in Kansas means it gets very hot in the summer. To help our employees work more comfortably, our plant is air-conditioned. We run our units only upon hitting 85 degrees before noon, and we exhaust the plant during nighttime hours to minimize energy consumptions.

Reuse, Recycle, Renew

At HIX, we’ve always practice the art of recycling. All of our steel cuttings and scrap are recycled along with all of our aluminum. We re-melt aluminum solid and we sell cuttings that hit the floor to reclaimers. Bins are left for our employees to recycle their waste aluminum cans and scraped paper products that can be recycled.

The environment is every industrial manufacturer’s responsibility. The more we take from our environment, the more we need to put back into recovery. As a company we will continue to look for new ways to use less energy, and reuse and recycle materials that we use in our products. We will also continue to engineer and design our products to use less electrical and gas utilities to help reduce your overall carbon footprint and money expensed towards energy.