HIX Industrial Ovens and Dryers

HIX dryers are used in a vast range of applications, including direct screen printing, graphics, electronics, glass products, chemical, and medical. Our ovens and dryers are also built for custom and industrial processes requiring product drying or curing.

Energy Efficiency

Energy savings equals money savings. Our designers focus on IR heating elements (most efficient element material at converting electric energy to heat), customized heating elements to allow for an even higher efficiency rate than normal, up to 97% heated air recirculation, triple wall insulation construction, adjustable doors on oven openings, optional heat curtains over the oven door openings, and gas ovens that can utilize outside air for combustion air.


True customization and design can be difficult to find.  Many companies will add a few basic options to a standard unit and consider it customized.  At HIX, we design our ovens and dryers around the customer’s product and process requirements regardless of heat type, size, or special requests. 

Conveyor Ovens

HIX Electric & Gas Conveyor Ovens

Designed specifically to match your production needs. Superior performance, durability, and engineered for customer specific functionality. HIX Electric and Gas Conveyor Ovens are the most reliable and hard-working units in any industry.

Batch Ovens

HIX Batch & Cabinet Ovens

Specially designed for variety of thermal applications. Custom built to meet all of your process needs and requirements. Designed to provide efficient operation and reliable service.

Continuous Web Ovens

HIX Tunnel & Continuous Web Ovens

Custom-designed to your specifications to provide efficient drying capabilities while taking up minimal floor space. Key on energy efficiency and performance functionality.

At HIX, we realize that your business is unique. Your production line, your facilities, and your operational requirements all designed to meet your production demands. That’s why we look at every customer and every project as an individual, and we do not try to force a stock design on you. You can rely on HIX Corporation to provide stable airflow management, maximized efficiency, and precise temperature control in every unit we build.