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Premier HG 3612 - 36" Belt Graphics Dryer
120v/1Ph/60Hz NG
220v/1Ph/60Hz NG

220v/1Ph/60Hz LPG
220v/1Ph/50Hz LPG
220v/1Ph/50Hz NG

Optional Wheel Kit

Premier HG 4818 - 48" Belt Graphics Dryer
220v/1Ph NG
380v/3Ph NG

Optional Wheel Kit

Premier HG 6020 - 60" Belt Graphics Dryer
220v/1Ph NG
380v/3Ph NG

Optional Wheel Kit

Premier HG 7020 - 70" Belt Graphics Dryer
220v/1Ph NG
380v/3Ph NG

Optional Wheel Kit



If high production and cost efficiency are requirements for your business, the HIX® Premier HG gas conveyor dryers are the solution. Each dryer has been engineered with a highly efficient gas burner and recirculating air system that recycles up to 90% of the heated air to maintain a precise, consistent oven temperature while consuming less energy.

The HG series of gas dryers are designed for all types of screen print and DTG inks and virtually any substrate. The variable air speed controller and digital temperature and belt speed controllers provide total control over the dryer’s heat and cycle speed.

With belt widths from 36” to 72” and dryer lengths up to 20 feet, production rates of up to 800 garments per hour are achievable making the HIX Premier HG gas dryer the perfect companion to manual, automated, and DTG printers.


  • Completely HIX factory-designed and manufactured to UL-795 safety standards.
  • Airflow-optimized heat chamber creates an evenly distributed, continuous, high-velocity air impingement for rapid drying and curing.
  • High-resolution gas modulating valve is capable of achieving a very accurate temperature range of +/- 5F.
  • Fresh air combustion minimizes the NO and CO-emissions and provides a more efficient combustion.
  • Safety controls include a high-temperature limit switch, combustion air-proving switch, exhaust flow air proving switch, and recirculating air proving switch.
  • Side-mounted control panel includes a digital temperature controller, digital belt speed controller, diagnostic indicator lights for the combustion air, exhaust air high-temp circuit proving switches, shut off, and an emergency power switch.
  • Interior heat chambers are manufactured with corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, safe from moisture, chemicals and corrosive volatile vapors and inks.
  • Easy access to filters for cleaning and removable top panels for easy maintenance.