SubliPro® Countertop Sublimation Ovens
208v/1Ph - $4,995
240v/1Ph - $4,995
208v/3Ph - $4,995
240v/3Ph - $4,995
Standard Crate Add $210

Shown with 11/15 oz mug wraps. Wraps sold separately.

SubliPro® CT

The HIX Sublipro countertop batch ovens are designed for small batch sublimation printing with a maximum production rate of 48 – 11/15oz. coffee mugs per/hr. Just like the larger conveyor ovens, this oven can cure sublimation on the
same variety of substrates whether they be wide, narrow, white, black, a multitude of different colors, and up to 8.5” tall. This includes the same variety of sizes and shapes such as dog and cat bowls, latte mugs, glasses, bottles, beer steins,
and shot glasses, etc. 


Cures both Plastisol and Waterbased inks. As the only one of its kind in the industry, this oven can sublimate on a variety of substrates: wide, tall, short, white, colored, or black, up to a height of 8.5”. This includes an ever growing variety of sizes and shapes such as cat and dog bowls, shot glasses, beer steins, latte mugs, glasses, drinking bottles, etc.

With redesigned and repositioned heaters combined with an advanced airflow circulation, HIX was able to narrow the temperature variation within the oven chamber to within 10-15ºF, which is sufficient to satisfy even the most demanding and unforgiving substrates (such as black mugs and top-to-bottom sublimation). The even temperature profile, the larger door opening, the advanced cooling system at the exit end of the conveyer, and the stainless steel belt all represent a
significant upgrade over our previous mug oven design.

***Promotional Wrap Pricing available with purchase of a new SubliPro® Oven. Either an unlimited number of 11/15oz Standard (10152) wraps at a discounted price OR one free sample pack (10674). Promotional pricing is available until 12/31/2022.