SubliPro® 2414 - 24" Conveyer Belt Sublimation Ovens
208v/1Ph -  $22,500
240v/1Ph -  $22,500

208v/3Ph - $22,225
240v/3Ph - $22,225
380v/3Ph CE - $23,695
Standard Crate Add $948

Spare Parts Kit 208v/1Ph -  $550
Spare Parts Kit 240v/1Ph -  $525

Spare Parts Kit 208v/3Ph - $450
Spare Parts Kit 240v/3Ph - $460
Spare Parts Kit 380v/3Ph CE - $364


SubliPro® 3626 - 36" Conveyer Belt Sublimation Ovens
208v/3Ph - $46,335
240v/3Ph - $46,335
380v/3Ph CE - $49,265
480v/3Ph - $47,605
Standard Crate Add $1,472

Spare Parts Kit 208v/3Ph - $690
Spare Parts Kit 240v/3Ph - $745
Spare Parts Kit 380v/3Ph CE - $745
Spare Parts Kit 480v/3Ph - $565

Sublipro_4827_Web icon

SubliPro® 4827 - 48" Conveyer Belt Sublimation Ovens
240v/3Ph - $59,995
380v/3Ph CE - $62,995
408v/3Ph - $62,995
Ships Dedicated

Spare Parts Kit 240v/3Ph - $745
Spare Parts Kit 380v/3Ph CE - $625
Spare Parts Kit 408v/3Ph - $645

SubliPro® OVENS

The HIX® SubliPro® conveyor ovens are specially designed for high-volume sublimation printing. For production of 100 to over 1,000 mugs per hour, the
HIX SubliPro Oven is the perfect choice. As the only oven of its kind in the industry today, this oven can cure sublimation on a variety of substrates whether they be wide, narrow, white, black, a multitude of different colors, and up to 8.5” tall. This includes an evergrowing variety of sizes and shapes such as dog and
cat bowls, latte mugs, glasses, bottles, beer steins, and shot glasses, etc.

With specifically engineered and positioned heaters, and an advanced, highly efficient recirculating air flow system HIX has been able to reduce the temperature variation in the oven chamber to within 10°F of the set process temperature. This will satisfy the curing requirements of even the most demanding and unforgiving substrates. The accurate temperature profile, the large door openings, the advanced cooling system located at the exit end of the conveyor, and the durable Stainless Steel conveyor belt give you the best sublimation oven available on the market today.


  • Accepts substrates up to 8.5" inches tall
  • Digital belt speed controller(s)
  • Stainless Steel conveyor belt
  • Digital Temperature controller(s)
  • Single and dual oven chamber zones
  • Relay and heater light indicators
  • Heater overload protection
  • Recirculating air zone(s) and airflow speed on all
  • All units are fully insulated for energy savings
  • Exit end cooler rapidly cools the product for immediate
    handling and packing when unloading from the belt
  • Casters are standard on all units